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I want to welcome everyone to this community!! This community was made for all Marvel Universe fans, so if you love the X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, or any Marvel characters this community is for you!!

You can post anything that is Marvel related.

As you can see my favorite Marvel characters are both Gambit & Rogue!! Just because I love them doesn't mean this community is expected to be "X-friendly". So come on and start off with who you are, who your favorite super hero is and why you love him/her so much!!

- Eric

This community was created by prince0fangels.
It is maintained by those given the ability.

Eric pretty much said it all. The only other thing I ask is that you do not use the community to promote any other community/site without my permission. posts attempting to do so will be deleted and user will be banned. if you wanna promote a community/site, try _lj_promo_. PLEASE NOTE THIS ALSO MEANS OTHER MARVEL COMMUNITIES! YES, that also restricts promoting RP communities! We here are already dedicated to ANYTHING MARVEL so there is no need to be creating other communities. If you want to make your own and think you can do it better than us, wonderful - we wish you the best of luck!

Far as myself, I am all about Marvel. My favorites are Spider-Man, Wolverine, DareDevil, and Punisher. Far as "Marvel Next" characters go, X-23 and Arana pwn!

- Dave

addional information you should know...
anybody can join, however, new members will have their posts moderated for between 2 to 4 weeks, and if he/she posts with good behavior, he/she won't have to worry about any of their posts being moderated anymore - like the other 400 (or so) of us. "moderately approved" members will continue to have unmoderated posts unless he/she begins to cause trouble.

if you have any icons or images to share, please join marvelunivicons simply so this doesn't get cluttered up. ANYTHING ELSE GETS POSTED HERE!!! (see above restrictions) ^^

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